A quick and simple CNC cutting service for the creative industries provided by experienced CAD CAM specialists.

We offer a full range of 2D, 3D and 3D indexed 4-axis CNC cutting. With an extensive background in both CAD and CAM, CNC Projects was formed to provide a straightforward and quick response CNC routing service accessible to all.
Whether you have a CAD file ready or even just a sketch, we offer a CAD service that can help take your design from paper to machine.

1. Send us your files

Be it CAD ready files or paper sketches, you can send these to us in our "submit a job" part of our website.

2. Receive a quote

From your file, a quote is calculated based on programming and cut time on the CNC machine.

3. We machine it

Using 2D, 3D and 3D indexed 4-axis methods, our CNC specialists will be able to machine your designs.

4. We deliver it

Once cut we can deliver to anywhere in the UK. Alternatively you're welcome to pick up parts from the workshop.